ostgotacare.se update

In april I changed the layout on ostgotacare.se, click on the picture below to visit the website.

New website I made

On May 1st Karolina released her website www.karolinagermundsson.se that I have designed. It's a webshop where you can buy pictures she have taken.

It was lovely working with her and I'm happy with the result.
Click on the picture below to visit her website.

Design av nya affischer

Två nya affischer jag gjort designen till, dessa inför föreläsningar som Ostgota Care arrangerar. Fler är på väg.



För att uppmärksamma LSS och SoL har det nu startas en kampanj ”#rörinteminkeps” och jag fick äran att göra loggan!

Går även att lägga till den på sin profilbild på Facebook, instruktioner finns i Facebook gruppen. 

Gå med i Facebook gruppen - här!  


De senaste dagarna har jag suttit och jobbat med inbjudan till en utbildning Ostgota Care ska hålla i och såhär blev resultatet;
Klicka på bilden för att se hela inbjudan som PDF.



På promenaden hem från sjukhusbesök stannade jag och Martin till i Trädgårdsföreningen och satt i en gungande soffa. Linköping är väldigt fint ändå. Jag trivs i min hemstad. 


Mitt jobb

Jag har verkligen ett så roligt och givande jobb, öka ungas inflytande i kommunen.

Igår startade vi Samverkansgrupp för högstadieelever, vi fick se vilket stort engagemang och mycket tankar/ idéer de har.

Dessutom driver jag och Albin "Ungdomspodden" och senast hade vi med grundaren av Joyvoice! Fantastisk människa och vilket bra jobb hon gör.

Ungdomspodden, finns där poddar finns! 



A couple of weeks ago me and my boyfriend bought two little kittens! They are so adorable and already I feel so much love to them. They are my little babies! 





Band photoshoot

2 weeks ago I took some photos of the swedish rock band Room Of Madness, and below you can see the result!

And don't forget to like them on facebook and listen to them via bandcamp!

Facebook page // Bandcamp

Room Of Madness

Room Of Madness

Home sweet home

Been back from London more than a month now. And last sunday we moved in to our flat. We love it and are so happy with this flat!

A bit strange to be back for real in Sweden, Linköping after my 4,5 years in UK, London. Because normally when I was off/ had holiday we went to Sweden to visit our families but this time we gonna stay here and work. I can really feel that it's a big difference between the cities, a bit more calm and not as many people in Linköping as in London. :)  I'm really happy with my new job too, feels great to go to work and all the funny things we planning.

I miss the amazing people I met in London.

Time to leave London

At the moment I'm in the middle of packing down all my cloths so I can send them back home.

The 19th April me and my boyfriend moving back to Sweden.

London will forever be my second home.

afternoon tea photos

Below is photos of posters for Afternoon tea at Euphorium bakery here in London. I have taken the photos for the posters.

missing the warm sun

The spring is slowly getting to London, we have had some really nice days with sun and temperature over 14 degrees! Finger crossed it will stay like this. But you never know with London...


Below is two simple posters I did recently for Ostgota Care.



Over the new year I went to Thailand - Phuket with my family. We had a lovely time and so nice to get som proper warm weather and sun. We ate a lots of rice, noodles and were swimming in the sea and pool. Though I didn't take so many photos as I thought I would, I just enjoyed the two weeks with my family.

Added this 3 photos of my friend Erkida that we took in Hampstead Heath park, London. Will edit some more from that day and add them to my site.

Beautiful friend I've got.


Borås - forest

Below is some pictures a took couple of weeks ago in Borås, Sweden.